Exhibition Time

October 10 - December 18 2017


Centre Pompidou, Paris

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Centre Pompidou

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Curator: Kathryn Weir

Supported by the Mao Jihong Arts Foundation, the contemporary art exhibition Cosmopolis opens on 18 October 2017 at Centre Pompidou, Paris. Cosmopolis is a constantly evolving platform, curated by Kathryn Weir, Director of Department of Cultural Development. It is held biennially at the Centre Pompidou.

The exhibition platform Cosmopolis, consisting of exhibitions, talks, performances and conversations, puts the spotlight on these new practices and creates conditions for exploring the social, urban and political questions they raise. Cosmopolis gives visibility to the various places where contemporary art flourishes, and to approaches and experiments concerning cultural translation, rooted in a local context but also part of an international network.

This first edition, entitled “Collective Intelligence”, is devoted to artists’ collectives, whose forms and projects have increased considerably during the last decade, particularly in the art scenes of Africa, Latin America and Asia. 14 collectives from 12 countries participate in this exhibition, including: Arquitectura Expandida (Colombia), ArtLabor (Vietnam), Chimurenga (South Africa), Chto Delat (Russia), Council (France), Foundland (Netherland / Egypt), Iconoclasistas (Argentina), Invisible Borders (Nigeria), Laagencia (Colombia), Mixrice (South Korea), Polit-Sheer-Form Office (China), PorEstosDias (Colombia), Ruangrupa (Indonesia), The Tentative Collective (Pakistan).

Cosmopolis invites philosophers, theorists, critics and artist to present weekly thematic discussions including Artistic Research: Tools and Strategies, “Mondialité” and Relation, Indigenous Knowledge, Identity and Biopolitics, Hospitality and Cosmopolitanism, Cultural Translation and etc.

Every Saturday throughout the exhibition, as part of Cosmopolis, the Centre Pompidou invites artists, actors and cultural activists who work in various collaborative modes and in highly varied geo-cultural areas. This programme, Global Collective, is devised and moderated by Catherine David, Deputy Director of the Musée National d’Art Moderne, in charge of research and globalisation.

Live performances program “Music as Knowledge: Collectivity, Transmission and Improvisation”, bringing together various musical forms, through exploration of African music and its emigrational populations, presents some of the recent research of art and culture.  Every Friday throughout the exhibition, musical performances from United States, France, Brazil, Africa and other places bring to the Centre Pompidou Hip-Hop, Rock-n-Roll, Funk, Jazz and other styles of musical performances.

Cosmopolis is the first program presented by Mao Jihong Arts Foundation following its collaboration with the Centre Pompidou. Through this new paradigm of art platform, the foundation hopes to instigate unprecedented art practices and thinking fruition by way of the world-leading art institution’s solid experience and rich imagination.