Located on Hengshan road, formerly known as Avenue Petain, a street in the former French Concession area of Shanghai, China. Hengshan road is famous for European style architecture and the city’s oldest bar street. In such an area full of cultural and historic footage, The Mix Place converted four old mansions from the 30s into experimental spaces: The Red Couture, Dr. White, Mr. Blue, My Black Attitude,showcasing China contemporary lifestyle.

Dr. White is the first bookstore in China themed with film and photography, and also the most professional bookstore in Mainland China featuring international magazines. It’s aiming to provide creative professionals a space of inspirations and creativity, as The Mix Place’s creative team curates exhibitions and cultural events such as speeches, talks and film screening from time to time.

The Red Couture is a concept store for EXCEPTION de MIXMIND, one of China’s longest-established, most successful art and fashion labels. Mr. Blue is a designer space for gentlemen. My Black Attitude is a multi-brands buyer space dedicates to lifestyle and independent labels.