Fang Suo, which literally means “place and direction”, has its origin in “A place to dwell is the direction the heart goes”, written by Southern Liang dynasty writer Xiao Tong (萧统).

Fang Suo Commune is centered on contemporary life aesthetics. Solidly underpinned by arts and culture, it is a public cultural space encompassing books, lifestyle, plants, fashion, an exhibition space, talks and lectures, as well as a literary cafe.

As a hall of knowledge focusing on art and literature, Fang Suo Commune’s careful selection of domestic and imported books and periodicals provides its readers access to the vision of international publishing and reading trends. As a public cultural and artistic space, Fang Suo Commune continues to promote projects with broad social and academic value, hoping to create a place where the West and the East, the past and present, and art and life can have ample dialogues. At the same time, Fang Suo Commune is also a leader in the fashion trend of integrating environmentalism with Eastern philosophy to inspire product designs and aesthetic thinking, thus becoming an advocate and laboratory for contemporary life aesthetics.

Aiming to be a thought organizer, re-builder of aesthetic life, and planner of public cultural space, Fang Suo Commune hopes to bring an integrated cultural complex to the city, becoming a creative base that brings together people and stirs up ideas, initiating a new aesthetic lifestyle full of vitality.

At present, Fang Suo Commune has four stores around China, located in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and Qingdao.